Workshop Format and Venue

Workshop Format

The WIEFP 2022 will take place in a hybrid format, allowing in-person or online participation. Those who choose online attendance will have the opportunity to participate in the panel discussions and paper presentations. In case of in-person attendance, participants will be able to enjoy the full program, including short courses, panel discussions, industry and academia presentations and social gatherings.

Workshop Venue

The workshop will be held at the Brazilian Association of Machinery and Equipment (ABIMAQ) headquarters, Av. Jabaquara, 2925, São Paulo, Brazil. ABIMAQ is close to Congonhas International Airport, distant about 5 -10 min by taxi.

The closest metro station is “São Judas” from where you can easily go to several areas in São Paulo. It is suggested to choose a hotel close to a metro station.


Suggested Hotels

We recommend choosing an accommodation site in Paulista Avenue, close to Consolação St. This area is about 35 minutes driving from ABIMAQ, also there is a metro station, “Consolação”, that can be used to go to “São Judas” station. Below are a few suggested hotels that cover a wide range of prices.


From Paulista Avenue to ABIMAQ using the metro, go to “Consolação” station and take the Line 2-Green heading towards “Vila Prudente”. On “Paraíso” station change to Line 1-Blue heading towards “Jabaquara” and leave on “São Judas” station. You can check the São Paulo Metro Map here.

Suggested Restaurants

There are several restaurants around ABIMAQ for lunch, see bellow a few recommended options:

    • Tourinho Churrascaria (R$ 60 a R$ 80/person)
      Av. Indianópolis, 3411 – (11) 5589-4205
    • Parrilha Argentina (R$ 80 a 100/person)
      Rua Prof. Souza Barros, 485 – (11) 2577-6616
    • Tendal Grill (R$ 30 a 60/person)
      Av. Jabaquara, 2592 – (11) 5072-7516
    • Restaurante Girassol (Self Service)
      Av. Indianópolis, 3334 D – (11) 5072-2081
    • Turmalina (Self Service)
      Alameda dos Tupinas, 539 – (11) 5589-4490
    • La Mari Restaurante (Self Service)
      Alameda dos Ubiatans, 374 – (11) 3205-0836
    • Lanchonete Famma (R$ 30 a 60/person)
      Av. Jabaquara, 2880 – (11) 5581-0439
    • Lanchonete Xama (R$ 30 a 60/person)
      Av. Indianópolis, 3397 – (11) 3807-1750